Athens is one of the most inspiring cities in Europe. An edifying walk through its rich culture and long history will reveal the amaranthine Greek spirit before your eyes.
Commence your Athenian exploration with the cornerstone of the illustrious Greek past, Acropolis. The monumental milestone with the fabled architecture lies in the busy city center, and it is visited by innumerable travelers every year. On the south side of Acropolis, you can access the marvelously designed Museum of Acropolis. Continue with the National Gallery, where exceptional painting, sculpture, engraving, design, and structural collections parade proudly. Furthermore, you can't miss the Cycladic Art Museum, which hosts noteworthy exhibits of the Cycladic civilization, the Ancient Greek art, and the Cypriot civilization. Discover incomparable treasures of modern art while venerating the displays of the Goulandris Museum of Contemporary Art and the National Museum of Contemporary Art and come across the diverse collections of the Benaki Museum, such as the Prehistoric, Ancient Greek, and Roman Art Collection and the Byzantine Art Collection. By all means, the Olympic Museum of Athens could not be absent from this list. A cutting-edge sanctuary built to honor the legendary Olympic Games is waiting for you in the district of Marousi.

Stroll around the blossoming National Garden with the seven entrances, visit Zappeion, a prestigious mansion where several cultural events occur, and head to Kallimarmaro (or Panathenaic Stadium), a historical location which has been home to significant Hellenic and international games. Pay a visit to the commanding Temple of Olympian Zeus on the southeast side of Acropolis or rest your vision with the green landscape of the tranquil Filopappou Hill. Don't hesitate to stop at the Ancient Agora, one of the essential sights in Athens, on the northwest side of Acropolis. Worthy of note are also the Onassis Foundation, the National Observatory, and the Stavros Niarchos Foundation, three highly inspirational places that exist as cultural, educational, and recreational hubs.

Relax and recharge while you're tasting some traditional Greek specialties or fresh seafood at the captivating areas of Psyri, Koukaki, and Mikrolimano. Tour the archaeological site of Kerameikos and the restaurants all around, and don't forget to purchase unique souvenirs from the vintage-retro stores of Monastiraki!
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